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When I first listened to Di√°ne Mandle play a Tibetan bowl I was literally out of this world, or, to say it better still, "above the world." I asked her to be a presenter at Rancho La Puerta so that guests could enjoy this as much as I have. The sound is eternal‚ÄĒand reminds you of eternity. Even in the most painful and stressful moments, it cleans the cobwebs and frees your mind to know that this, too, shall pass. Her book is a wonderful gift to all those who will find peace through the bowls' healing song.

Deborah Szekely Co-Founder, Rancho La Puerta Founder, Golden Door

Diane Mandle is the preeminent voice in the field of Tibetan bowl sound healing. Her book, Ancient Sounds for the New Age, offers a platform of deep understanding on which a practical skill set can be easily built upon. This is what the emerging field of sound healing has been waiting for. There is no doubt that it will soon be recognized as the go-to resource for serious vibrational practitioners. As a long-time scholar and as a practitioner of vibrational healing I wholeheartedly recommend this book.

Richard Rudis (Karma Sonam Dorje)

Di√°ne has a unique capacity of helping patients enhance their sense of well being and quality of life, especially in the midst of going through significant medical challenges including advanced cancer. Di√°ne does her healing work with great compassion, wisdom, devotion, love and deep care for those she is supporting. I can't wait for her new book to become available to anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of the power of Tibetan bowls sound to enhance healing, inner peace and sense of well being.

Daniel Vicario, M.D., ABIHM
Medical Oncology and Integrative Oncology
Medical Director and Director, Integrative Oncology
San Diego Cancer Research Institute. 501 (c) (3)
Integrative Oncology, Mind Body Medical Group, Chopra Center for Wellbeing


Do you see yourself as separate--or do you know yourself as interconnected? As the extraordinary sound master Diane Mandle points out, the former belief is the basis of all challenges and disease, and the Tibetan Buddhist instruments of love can return us to unity. In Ancient Sounds for a New Age, Diane reveals how to use the Tibetan bowls, tingshas, ganta, and dorgje to transform problems into doorways of light. I've personally experienced her ability to awaken the music of the soul and open to the blessings of harmony, and now with this indispensable book, you can too.‚ÄĚ

Cyndi Dale, Intuitive, healer, and author of many bestselling books including The Subtle Body,
The Intuition Guidebook, The Complete Book of Chakras, Energetic Boundaries,


Diane Mandle's Tibetan Bowls were part of the Integrative Medical Care offered at the San Diego Cancer and Research Institute. Our patients found her sounds magical, therapeutic, meditative and leading to an inner sense of peace and well being.

Paul Brenner M.D, PhD


Diane has been a powerful presenter in several of our International Sound Healing retreats at Menla New York. She has a lengthy experience, understanding and spiritual relationship with the Himalayan Bowls. We are so grateful to have her share with us all the highest knowledge on these ambassadors of Peace in this new book. Dhanyavad.

Philippe Garnier Founder and co-Director of The Sage Academy of Sound Energy in New York and the Academie de Sonothérapie in France.



Ancient Sounds for a New Age is an introduction to and overview of sound healing with Himalayan instruments. It offers a clear idea of what is needed to learn and practice for anyone who decides to enter the field, and serves as an instructional tool to that end. Di√°ne has combined techniques from other fields that have proven very effective for her clients and describe these in the book which includes a video link.

The book is organized in five parts. The first, Part I: Fundamentals of Sound Healing, offers an orientation to the work.

Part II: The Sacred Sound Family, teaches about the sound healing instruments‚ÄĒthe tingshas, the ganta and dorje, and the Himalayan bowls‚ÄĒand the author takes you through some basic configurations for working with multiple instruments.

Part III: Sound Healing and the Chakras, offers a breakdown of techniques and principles for working with the body’s main energy centers, the chakras.

Part IV: Working with Challenging Emotions, offers brief orientations to working with anxiety and depression, dedicating one chapter to each.

The last main section of the book, Part V: Enhancing Your Practice, concerns ways to include other modalities in a sound healing session, and the author shares some that have worked well in her own practice. Diane explores colors and toning, power language, and visualization, reminding the reader, ‚ÄúIn learning to practice sound healing, we are aspiring to become more than technicians who can play the instruments‚ÄĒwe are developing into healers.‚ÄĚ

Additionally, several Appendices include: thumbnail profiles of some sound healing pioneers, an interesting case study, some client testimonials, and further resources, including information about Diane’s school and some of the classes and products offered. .




Di√°ne Mandle is an internationally known author, recording artist with Sounds True, Tibetan bowl practitioner and educator and the only state certified practitioner/ instructor in California. Di√°ne has given over 250 educational concert programs in 32 states as well as in India, Costa Rica, Mexico and St. Croix. She has been a frequent guest presenter at the Museum of Making Music, Cal. State San Marcos, The Golden Door, The Deepak Chopra Center, Rancho la Puerta and KPBS. She is a featured expert in the upcoming video series: Tao- Living in Balance along with healers such as Dr. Wayne Dyer and John Gray.

Di√°ne maintains a private sound healing practice in southern California where she also owns and operates the Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School. She was part of the integrative therapy team at the San Diego Cancer Center and developed a successful sound healing program for incarcerated veterans with PDSD.

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