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Sound Healer Diane MandleWelcome and thank you for your interest! I am delighted to share some information with you to help you know who I am! Below is some background about my healing work, life, principals and belief system as well as some other info you might find interesting.

It has been a long and wonderful journey since I created Sound Energy Healing in Amherst, MA and moved to Encinitas,CA in 2000. The journey has been frought with challenges to go through and I firmly believe that there are no experiences in life that can be seen as 'trash'. It is all 'compost' that nourishes the being we keep becoming. Every experience is a great teacher.. especially the tough ones!

My journey has provided the elements to offer an integrated system that empowers body, mind and spirit. These elements contribute to the health and well being of my clients. Services include private Tibetan bowl sound healing sessions integrated with Polarity therapy (energy balancing), visualization and focused dialog. Additionally, I conduct public presentations, sound healing concerts, space clearing, and workshops. Our high quality products include Tibetan instruments, spiritual jewelry and crystals and instructional materials (ie ebooks, workshop video's etc). Further we own and operate the Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School.

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Here are a few things you migh like to know:

- I am the only Tibetan Bowl practitioner Certified through the state of California, a Polarity Practitioner and member of Sound Healers Association and Healing Music Organization. I offer private sessions at my home office and when I am on the road for concert tours.

Diane- I have had ZERO pain since I left you.  No Tylenol.  No pain.  The work that you do is amazing and powerful.  If I hadn't experienced it I wouldn't believe myself. You are way better than Tylenol and Vicodin.   Feel free to quote me on that.  Thank you -聽 Victoria

- I am a Sounds True recording artist, author, practioner sound healing expert featured in the video series- Tao:Living in Balance, to be released in the Usa and China. Offering concerts feel like prayer moving through me.

"Over the years I have heard many different concerts and meditations using the Tibetan bowls and I have to say that Diane Mandle is in a class by herself when it comes to creating a Divine experience for those who are present at one of her sound healing concerts."
 Will Scott, MA, Sacred Intuitive Healing for Mind, Body and Spirit

-As an Internationally recognized authority on Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing, I have appeared on NPR television and radio, published twenty ebooks on sound healing (Kindle & Nook) and released a major book Ancient Sounds for a New Age. This book is a culmination of 20 years of practice and experience in my field.

Diane has the unique capacity of helping patients enhance thier selfe of well being and quality of life, especiallay in the midst of going through significant medical challenges including cancer. Diane does her healing work with great compassion, wisdom, devotion, love and deep care for those she is supporting. I can't wait for her new book to become available to anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of the poser of Tibetan bowls to enhance healing, innter peace and sense of well being.

Daniel Vacario, M.D. ABIHM,

Medical Oncology and Integrative Oncology,

Medical Director and Director, Integrative Oncology San Diego Cancer Research Institute, Integrative Oncology, Mind Body Medical Group, Chopra Center for Well Being

- A gift of my bi-cultural background (French mother and American father) allowed me to spend my childhood traveling between Southern France and the US. This was fortunate in that it gave me two languages and two cultures to draw from, so early on I developed a sensibilty to sound and rhythm in a very practical manner. As I matured and was attracted to dance, I was very drawn to the poly rhythms of African and Latin music and traveled extensively learning to dance in these cultures.


Diane Mandle







Diane Mandle


Becoming a Life Coach

My undergraduate degree was in Theater and Dance through Stevens College in Columbia MO and the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA . I obtained my Masters degree in cross cultural communication at the School for International Training in Brattleboro, VT. with a thesis on African music.

My interest has always been to build bridges through the arts and communication as a way to help people on a deep level.Later, in my work as a Life Coach there was still something missing for me that needed to be integrated and that brought my love of movement,sound, multiculturalism into my every day life. My work as a Chamber of Commerce Director in Amherst, followed by Regional Director of the American Cancer Society for Western MA, was rewarding financially but my soul needed nourishment.

I discovered Polarity therapy and was greatly attracted to this modality of moving and balancing energy. It was a welcome addition to my model for wholeness. I attended and helped to conduct workshops on Energy Balancing at Kripalu, the yoga center in MA, going on to obtain certification in Polarity at the Polarity Realization Institue in Ipswitch MA. When, several years later, I experienced sound healing for the first time, I knew that I had finally found what I was searching for. The sound of the Tibetan bowls literally blew my mind!

Nepal with Nuns

I was certified and individually mentored by Sonam Dorje (Richard Rudis), founder of Sacred Sound Workshops, and a pioneer in the arena of Sound Healing. When Richard retired from conducting healings and devoted himself to teaching instead,he passed the 'sound healer' torch on to me. I have been practicing Sound Healing since 2000, and obtained certification through the state of California in 2004. I traveled to Nepal, India and Tibet to immerse myself to further my studies and understanding of the culture these instruments come from so I can bring that knowledge to my sound healing practice.

I believe that our memories, in the form of energy, are stored in our muscles and cells and organs. Many of the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that drive our lives are in our cells but just out of reach of our consciousness.When we are out of energetic alignment, (which we mostly are), our blocked or weak energy creates dis-ease. We can access these stored memories though sound to release and then strengthen areas that need healing. My treatments offer a pathway to reconnect with essence and wholeness.

I worked almost four years with at the San Diego Cancer Center as part of their Integrative therapy team, then developed and implemented a program of sound healing and meditation for encarcerated veterans with PTSD.

An integrated approach to healing that combines cognative, spiritual, and physical elelments to obtain the vibrational alignment we need to be whole and healthy is exactly what I offer..My life-long philosophy is the Fourfold Path: Show up, Pay Attention, Speak Your Truth Without Shaming or Blaming and Let Go of Outcome. You may experience my work through my cd's, private sessions, concerts and books. And I always welcome your feedback. bb

Di谩ne Mandle

I hope this has helped us to get aquainted. Your questions or comments are welcome. Thanks for spending time here!


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