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Tibetan Bowl Video classes -live and recorded are available HERE. Register for any of my classes there that include: What You Need To Know about Tibetan Bowls,(free class), How to Clear Space with Tibetan Instruments, Tibetan Sound Healing and Your Pets, Meditation and Self-Healing with Just One -Three Bowls, Sacred Geometry, Power Language and more.. Keep checking back on the site for new offerings.
NOW AVAILABLE- professional quality digital concerts, workshops and meditations for small or large groups. Wenow have the technology to create as close to 'in-person" experience as possible. Call to schedule.
2021 Concerts & Workshops

May 26, 9pm Livestream Sleepytime Tibetan Bowl Concert. To Register: (760) 818-5318

June 25-27, 10am-5pm Intro Sound Healing Workshop: Covid Friendly, Encinitas. Email Diane

June 10, 6pm-7:30pm FREE Transformational Authors of Sand Diego PRESENT: Virtual evening of discussion and discovery, delving deep into the topic of transformation, what it is and why it matters. Attendees will receive a copy of our newest article, Avenues to Transformation and a chance to win a book from the author of their choice. To register, go to: Transformation

House & Office Concerts, Privates & Space Clearing: Shift the energy in your space, gather with friends and family for a transformative deepening- a rich and intimate experience of creating and energizing intention specific to your needs & desires.CALL 619-994-8151 to schedule a concert or program for a private group, make a hospital visit, conduct a doggie concert or book a private sound healing session.

GONG Baths & Workshops with Richard Rudis. Richard Rudis conducts amazing Gong Baths. Detailed information on his events can be found at

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Additional questions? Call me at 619-994-8151 (cell) or email.

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