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Diane's workshops focus on different aspects of working with the Himalayan (Tibetan) Singing Bowls. Additionally, custom programs can be develped to meet your needs. To schedule a workshop in your area

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Sacred Sound healing Intensive

Introduction to Sacred Sound Healing Intensive: Next session: Jan 24-25 A two day hands on workshop . Pre- requisit is having worked with my multi-media home study course and fulfilled requirements below. (Ancient Sounds for a New Age) and are ready for plenty of practice sessions with many instruments, individual mentoring and some advanced work. By the end of the weekend students will have conducted an introductory sound healing session with Tingsha's Gantas, Dorjes and nine bowls. This workshop is offered twice annually in San Diego. Requirements include having worked with the home study course, keeping a log of practice sessions, and permission from instructor ( Diane). It is geared toward those who wish to be practitioners or to integrate sound modality into their holistic healing or spiritual practice.It is highly recommended to also recieve a private session from Diane while you are here as part of your training. See TIBETAN BOWL SCHOOL or contact Diane for more information. .

" I just wanted to express how phenomenal your beginning weekend workshop was. I had bought and studied with the home course, but getting to work hands-on with your mentoring was so valuable. There are so many subtleties to learn to really be able to know and understand the instruments and this can only be achieved by learning first-hand by a qualified instructor willing to share their knowledge. What a blessing that I have found that in you! I left the workshop feeling like I had such a better knowledge of the sacred instruments and their usage. There is no substitution to being able to work on other students in groups and with partners in an environment of learning. Now, I feel that I can use my knowledge gained this weekend and partner that with the home study course to practice with confidence. I look forward to continuing my education at the Tibetan Bowl School." Tanya, San Diego

Richard Rudis and I offer the first section of ADVANCED sound healing workshops that can bring you closer to certification. Intro level workshop with either Richard or I is a pre-requisite. There is a GREAT DEAL more to learn and understand about these instruments even though the work you are now doing can produce wonderful results. In an effort to keep the standard of the modality high I hope you will consider the next level in working towards certification.

In order to attend this one you must continue with your practice sessions and log. Each day will be highly interactive and greatly advance your knowedge base, skill and confidence. Here is an overview of the weekend:

Day 1
Richard works with you presenting
Ganta Energy Stimulation Dorje Prana Channeling Advanced bowl configurations and pattern layouts
Sacred geometry and special meridian points
Advanced philosophy and symbolism of the instruments and modality

Day 2*
Creating a safe and sacred space
Working with the three lower chakras: a theraputic approach
Working with silence
Individual mentoring during practice sessions.

Contact Diane for cost and registration information.

Sound Healing for Meditation and Healing: A three hour workshop that explores the historical and spiritual foundations of the Sacred Sound instruments and their practical usage for healing. Session includes demonstration and practice exercises for deepening meditation, personal transformation, how to move energy with the instruments, how to obtain a variety of textures of sound, how to choose the right bowl and more. Many Tibetan bowls, tingsha's and ganta's will be available during the workshop and for purchase.

Awakening the Divine Feminine Through Sound Three hours. Participants Experience guided meditations accompanied by Tibetan Bowls, Align through group Toning , Discover the Divine feminine through sound, journaling and sacred symbols, Practice utilizing the tingshas, gantas and singing bowls for consciousness transformation.

Developing your Intuition This is a 4-hour workshop that will expand your awareness of, skill and confidence in raising your vibration and the use of intuition and intention.
In this workshop you will learn:
- 'Presencing, (the art of being available as a witness to the client without an agenda)
- To recognize the specific signs of intuition as it pertains to you
- Setting and energizing intentions effectively
- How to 'report' this information to clients in a safe and objective manner.
- Structured and creative techniques to increase personal energy, promote healing, create a protective shield, project and receive energy and information.
- To be more confident with their intuitive abilities

The workshop is a combination of highly interactive activities and discussion that will build skill and confidence in the area of intuition. It will help you integrate higher levels of intuition into your modality. It will enhance any health professional's ability to be effective with clients and is a vital component to the field of Sound Healing.

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