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NEW!! Diane now offers live and recorded online video classes via a site called Learn It Live. You can register for any of my live or recorded classes there by clicking the link above or get the recorded download..Classes include: What You Need To Know about Tibetan Bowls, How to Clear Space with Tibetan Instruments, Tibetan Sound Healing and Your Pets, Meditation and Self-Healing with Just One -Three Bowls, Sacred Geometry, Power Language etc. Keep checking back on the site for new offerings. or register at:
House & Garden Concerts: Shift the energy in your space, gather with friends and family for a transformative deepening- a rich and intimate experience of creating and energizing intention specific to your needs & desires. Schedule yours now. 760-944-3441
2017 Concerts & Workshops
March 2, 6pm Lake Havasu City, AZ -Tibetan Bowl & Gong Concert, Eight Lotus Wellness, 2180 mc Culloch Blvd N. $25 til 2/23, $30 after聽(928) 680-7353
March 3, 6pm Yuma, AZ -Tibetan Bowl & Gong Concert Serenity Yoga Yuma, $25 advance, $30 at the door Tix 928-941-1358
March 4, 5:30pm Phoenix, AZ- Tibetan Bowl & Gong Concert Metta Yoga, 4041 E. Thomas Rd #106. $25 until 2/ 28, $30 after. 602-522-0662
March 5, 1:30pm Phoenix, AZ- Tibetan Bowl & Gong Concert Kharma Life Center, 700 W. Campbell Ave #1, $25 until 3/ 1, $30 after. 602-795-9767
March 10-12, Encintas CA.Tibetan Bowl & Gong MASTER CLASS with Diane and RIchard. This is a workshop for all levels of students in our school. Further information and registration at:
March 16, 7:30pm Turlock, CA. Tibetan Bowl & Gong Concert, I Am Yoga Wellness,2031 Geer Rd., $25 until 3/9, $30 after. 602-522-0662
March 17, 8:00pm Petaluma, CA. Tibetan Bowl & Gong Concert , Renew Yoga, 35 Petaluma Blvd N., $25 until 3/10, $30 after. 707-762-7760
March 18, Berkeley CA, 7pm . Tibetan Bowl & Gong Concert , MahaSiddha Center, 2328 Channing Way. Info: 619-994-8151. Advance Tix $25 by PayPal: 聽 or $30 at the door.
March 19, 6:00pm El Cerrito, CA. Tibetan Bowl & Gong Concert, Hillside Swedenborgian Church, 1422 Navellier St. ,$25 until 3/12, $30 after 510-235-3646
April 5,5:00pm (PST) FREE TELECLASS:This tele-classes is a forum for all students to have questions about their practice sessions answered. Distance students have little opportunity to share their experience and get feedback. The class is FREE but you must register by March 29th and send your questions in. I will send you the call-in information. (there may be a charge for your long distance call)
May 6, Henderson, NV, Private Sessions. Email Diane if interested
May 7, 2:00pm Las Vegas, NV . Tibetan Bowl & Gong Concert, West Charlston Library, 6301 W. Charlston Blvd, FREE 702-507-3940

May 11, 7pm Kingman, AZ, Tibetan Bowl & Gong Concert, True North Yoga, 410 Beale St,$25 by 5/4, $30 after 928-530-0425

May 12, 7pm Corrales, NM , Tibetan Bowl & Gong Concert, 593 Reclining Acres Rd,$25 by 5/5, $30 after 505-410-3241
May 13, 8pm, Albuquerque, NM Tibetan Bowl & Gong Concert, High Desert Yoga, 4600 Copper Ave. $25 by 5/6, $30 after 505-232-9642
May 14, 4:30 pm Santa Fe, NM, Mothers DayTibetan Bowl & Gong Love Concert, Body, 333 W. Cordova Rd. ,$25 by 5/7, $30 after 505-986-0362
May 15, Drive/Rest day
May 16, 7pm Buena Vista CO, Tibetan Bowl & Gong Concert, Cottonwood Hot Springs, 18999 Country Rd 306 $25 by 5/9, $30 after719-395-6434
May 17, 5:30 pm, Vail, COTibetan Bowl & Gong Concert, The Spa at the Vitality Center, 352 Meadow Dr, $25 by 5/10, $30 after. 970-476-7960
May 18, 7pm Breckenridge, CO, Tibetan Bowl & Gong Concert, Meta Yoga, 118 Ridge Rd, $25 by 5/11, $30 after 970-547-9642
May 19, 7pm Carbondale, CO , Tibetan Bowl & Gong Concert, Davi Nikent. Third Street Center, Round Room , 520 S Third Street, $25 by 5/12, $30 after 970-618-5879
May 2 , Driving day
May 21, 4pm Las Vegas, NV ,Tibetan Bowl & Gong Concert, True Fusion, Blue Diamond, 4750 Blue Diamond Rd, Suite 100, Tix $25 by 5/1, $30 after. 702-522-8911

House & Office Clearing. POWERFUL AND EFFECTIVE. Concerts, Privates & Space Clearing: CALL 760-944-3441 to schedule a concert or program for a private group, make a hospital visit, conduct a doggie concert or book a private sound healing session.

GONG Baths & Workshops with Richard Rudis. Richard Rudis conducts amazing Gong Baths. Detailed information on his events can be found at

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